Amazing Lace For Prom

Amazing Lace For Prom


Amazing lace, truly a gem in the rough, has made its way from trim to full coverage dress material. No longer is lace just a material for scarves, hem lines, or grandma’s necklaces

coasters. The full-fledge design behind this bold creation is sweeping through the closets of American women. And this doesn’t just stop at the dress itself; it goes much deeper to the very depths of the accessory rack as well.

You won’t be stuck wondering how you can actually accessorize with such a threadlike material, not with a rampage of possibilities on the loose. Made from comfy cotton and warm nylon, most lace covered dresses are just as cozy as they are gorgeous. They can look scratchy, and even a few of us have lived through one or two scratchy, lace trimmed dresses as little girls, but innovation has come a long way with design and material. We no longer have to suffer for a beautiful dress. A lace inspired dress is usually lined with a nude shaded material for a sheer effect. The style can actually make or break a lace dress. The aged look of lace make’s way for a stylishly aged dress design. One shape walking the runway is a figure-enhancing sleeveless design.

A deep-cut V-neck is an appealing view. Also, high-neck sleeveless cuts are sweeping runways; with a sheer high neck design you can show off your delicate shoulders while getting a mirage effect on a strapless base design. With a waist accentuating cut you can add a lace covered belt to show off your beautiful curves. Find a matching base color for any belt, and if you can’t find a pre-made lace-kissed belt, create your own by simply covering a thick cut belt with a similar lace design to the dress with a few touches of clear fabric glue. Heels have been lace accented longer than dresses have been gracing the mainstream.


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