George Washington – Freemason


In early America’s fighting history, the conservation of life was a driving temptation that empowered Freemasonry to develop during our Revolutionary War of Independence quickly. A warrior had a lot higher possibility getting back alive assuming he enlisted in a Masonic military Lodge. It was during the Revolutionary War that our most memorable President, George Washington, pushed for the making of military Lodges for our warriors. He made eleven of these Lodges; the most popular one is the American Union Lodge, number one.


When we had won the Revolutionary conflict, Freemasons had gotten and stood firm on each predominant foothold that militarily safeguarded or politically represented this youthful country of our own. A 1951 Masonic release of the Holy Bible affirms that 24 of Washington’s significant officers were Masons, as well as thirty of his 33 brigadier commanders. Also, of the 56 unique endorsers of the Declaration of Independence, 53 were Master Masons in Freemasonry. It’s undeniably true that there is a lot of proof that shows that we won the Revolution since How to join the illuminati American, French and British Masons siblings would have rather not battled one another.


After the conflict, Masonic inclination helped clear the way to the White House. George Washington was chosen as the principal President of the United States obviously. His Vice President was likewise a Freemason, John Adams. John Adams was the pioneer behind a few Masonic Lodges in New England. John Adams’ child was President John Quincy Adams, who for quite some time after his administration assumed a vital part in the counter Masonic Movement, strangely.


Masonic contribution kept on winning at George Washington’s introduction. Robert Livingston, who was the Grand Master of New York’s Grand Lodge, managed the Oath of Office to our most memorable President. Freemason General Jacob Morton was the Marshal of the day. Washington was accompanied by Freemason General Morgan Lewis. St. John’s Lodge No. 1 of New York gave the Bible used to the promise of office, which was obviously, a Masonic Edition Bible.


George Washington declared that he wouldn’t look for a third term as President towards the finish of his Second expression. Right now, the President got a letter from Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania that complimented him for his numerous years public and Masonic assistance. Washington’s reaction shows his devotion to the Order and his expectations for its future:


“Kinsmen and brothers…I have accepted your location with all Brotherly love… [T]o have been, in any degree, an instrument in the possession of Providence to advance requests and association, and erect upon a strong groundwork, the genuine standards of government, is just to have imparted to numerous others in a work, the aftereffect of which, let us trust, will demonstrate through all ages an asylum for Brothers, and a cabin for the ideals… License me to respond your requests, and to petition that we as a whole might meet from there on in the timeless.”


George Washington was an intense ally of his Masonic goals until his passing. However, this didn’t imply that he was heedless to its shortcomings. In the year prior to his demise, he had started getting reports that an European mystery society called, ‘The Illuminati’ had started penetrating American Masonic Lodges. It was felt that they had aim of undermining our juvenile government to involve it for it’s own plan. They were said to have been planning to pressure all state run administrations of the world to join under a one-world alliance. What we currently know as a One World Government or a New World Order. Certain individuals say that this plan is still in respect right up until today.

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