What Sort Of Future Do You Want For Yourself, Your Family and Friends?


Presently, I’m calling you out here. Ask yourself, what sort of world, what kind of future would you like to see with your own eyes, your loved ones? I’m talking quick years here as well as perhaps many, numerous years to come. A few changes you might need to consider that would help you as well as your youngsters when they progress in years or even their kids to be…


Certainly, a solitary individual can’t change the world, however whether it was for basic liberties, independence from subjection… for these things to have happened they needed to begin some place, so presently’s your opportunity to be the originator or co maker of the progressions you need to see.


Empowered by the Einstein quote: “Just a daily existence lived for others merits living” permit me to make a few ideas, give you a give an early advantage by letting you know what transforms I need to see for the fate of humankind. Here is my layout. I need to see a reality where:


  1. Collaboration is above contest


Through instruction and media individuals have been Illuminati sign up so much that they neglect to truly see the merciless existence of shamefulness, bad form and experiencing connected with the monstrous unevenness on this planet brought about by a fixation on rivalry.


Rivalry fixation starts from Darwinism and natural selection, Huxley’s state-of-the-art existence and genetic counseling… which, as a way of thinking, have permitted a chosen handful world rulers to cream off the planet’s abundance while others consistently permit. For instance, 85 of the world’s most well off own as much as the 3.5 billion least fortunate.


To return to reasonableness, equity and non-exploitation, the opposite is required where participation extraordinarily surpasses contest. I’ll represent the collaboration worldview in different focuses.


  1. The majority of individuals’ way of behaving isn’t predicated on cash


I’ll speculate here. I’ll say that something like 90% of individuals’ way of behaving is predicated on cash. Out of the 7 billion on this planet around 2 billion have make due with about two or three bucks every day, while a large portion of the western total populace are countries of obligation slaves; understudy loans, contracts, charge cards… attached to a task they would rather not do yet essentially it takes care of the bills…


To invert this and alter the manner in which we live it is important somehow or another to eliminate the decision tip top with their rich advantages. Something on these lines, where the baking world class were eliminated occurred in Iceland soon after the 2008 monetary accident. – It’s interesting how this got little consideration in the broad communications.


  1. There are changes to the political framework


The political situation is manipulated. It is set up so much that the restricted quantities of ideological groups campaigning for office (normally 2, 3 or 4) are ALL upheld by the decision world class. So whoever wins won’t serve we individuals yet the genuine rulers and experts the world the decision first class with their corporate/investor plan. The same old thing here, however the genuine arrangement is to give votes to autonomous applicants who have a real consideration for serving we individuals and not upheld by the decision tip top. Might you at any point be one of those autonomous applicants?


  1. There is another worldview approach in wellbeing and medication


To be sure, there are numerous regions where you could get dynamic to see change. Do you have an expert subject? The subject of wellbeing and medication is near my heart. This is the region I have been battling in for quite a while.


I’m a represent the chance of having a really legit medical care framework where government assistance worry for individuals will be set above benefits. By which the attention will be on fixes instead of side effects that are set up to simply ensure rehash business for rich drug organizations…


  1. GMO is restricted


Whether it’s through boycotting the items, telling everybody around you, marking nearby or worldwide petitions, campaigning your MP… anything that it takes, express no to GMO. Another way you could get dynamic in this (or some other subject so far as that is concerned) is by composing articles, online journals or set up your own site… anything that it takes. GMO is one of the most risky investigations on earth. Put in the possession of covetousness driven technocrats it jeopardizes our future as a human race… It significantly takes advantage of people like ranchers… I’ll leave it there until further notice and leave the rest for your own examination.


Taking everything into account


Having given only a couple of models, I understand that there are numerous different subjects that need revolutionary changes where you could get dynamic in. Changes are for sure frantically required for the fate of mankind on this planet. The message here is planned as a clarion ‘source of inspiration’ with a need to keep moving.

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