Festival in India – Delhi International Mango Festival

 Festival in India – Delhi International Mango Festival


India is the largest producer of mango in the world. More than 1,000 varieties of the fruit are grown across the country, mainly in the southern, northern and eastern parts Devgad Hapus

. India exports about 40,000 metric tonnes of mangoes to 80 countries and the annual revenue earned from exporting mangoes and mango products reaches $85 million.

Delhi host INTERNATIONAL MANGO FESTIVAL in July every year since 1987. Hordes of local Delhiites throng to the assigned venues to catch a glimpse and taste a bite of the eleven hundred varieties of Mango. This three-day festival is only about mangoes – mango folk songs, mango-eating competitions, and mango contests and shows for children. It is also the main event where trading of this fruit is conducted; it also sees a participation of buyers from all over the world. More than 50 Mango growers are provided an Interactive platform to present the ‘king of fruit’. More than 550 varieties and cultivate of mango are featured in the festival for visitors to view and taste. Among these are alphonso, mallika, amrapali, himsagar, malda, balia, chorasya, dhaman, dhoon, fazia, gelchia, nigarin kheria, ruchika and shamasi.

Activities in the festival include cultural programmes and recreational events like a mango eating competition for women, mango slogan writing, a demonstration of mango carving, a magic show, and a quiz about mangoes. For the mango judging competition, there are various categories and a minimum of seven ripe mangoes are required for competing in each. There is also a prize given for biggest mango.

Lot of tourist Participate in this festival to have taste of different varieties of mangoes.The festival is also an oppor



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