Understanding How Stun Guns Work

 Understanding How Stun Guns Work


When you are shopping for self defense products, you likely will come across stun guns as one option. You may be wondering if this type of personal protection is actually .38 special ammo  safe to use. You may also be wondering how they work. After all, when you need self defense products, you likely do not want something that could permanently injure or even kill your attacker. If that were what you were looking for, you would purchase a regular gun. You are likely looking for something that can incapacitate your attacker long enough for you to get to safety. Stun guns fit this description perfectly.

Stun guns work because our bodies have electrical systems in them. The entire nervous system communicates through tiny electrical signals that are sent from the brain and delivered through the nerves. This communication system can be disrupted by a high-voltage, low-amperage charge. This is exactly what stun guns deliver. The amperage is low enough that these self defense products will not damage the nervous system of your attacker, but they will confuse the nervous system for a short time, thus incapacitating the attacker and allowing you to get away. The result of a stun gun charge can either be temporary paralysis or temporary muscle weakness. Either way, you will be able to escape.

Now that you understand the basic mechanics of stun guns, you should consider how you would actually use one. Because the stun gun will work whenever it is in contact with muscles, you can touch the attacker on any portion of the body, and the product will be effective. To have the best effectiveness, you will likely need to zap the attacker for at least three seconds. However, after the first second or two the attacker will become disoriented, which will allow you to continue to administer the charge.

As with many types of personal protection products, there are a variety of stun guns on the market today. The type you purchase depends on how close you intend to get to your attacker before administering the charge. A traditional stun gun, which is about the size of a flashlight, can only administer the charge if it is in contact with the attacker. While it will work through clothing, you will have to be standing within hand-to-hand combat range to use this weapon. These small self defense products are small enough to fit in a purse or pocket and are easy to use



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