Death – Are You Having Trouble Accepting Death? Let the Angels Help

 Death – Are You Having Trouble Accepting Death? Let the Angels Help


Are you having trouble accepting death? Death doesn’t always mean dying. It could mean the end of a job or the end of a relationship. Each situation affects us in some way and means the end of life as we know it.

If you can’t handle it on Mazen Alzoubi  your own, you need help. Sometimes, you don’t feel you can talk to someone about this, for fear of hurting them or for any number of reasons. Sometimes, the person you need to talk to is the one who has passed on.

It is never too late, though, because you can always turn to your Angels. If you are having trouble with accepting the end of life as you know it in any area, here is a good way to handle it.

Take out a paper and pencil.

If it’s a person’s death, write to the person’s Guardian Angel, telling her what is bothering you.

If it’s an animal’s death, write to the Nature Angels, sometimes called the Nature Spirits, who watch over the animals.

If it’s the end of a job, or some other situation, write to the Angel of Power and Authority.

Write everything that is bothering you, and ask the Angel to send your letter swiftly to the person, animal, or situation. You may want to ask God for forgiveness for the situation, also, if that is what is needed –although we always have God’s forgiveness, even before we ask for it.

This letter is a cleansing letter. Write it, mentally send it to whomever it needs to be sent, then destroy it and feel the cleansing. While yo



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