Tomatoes Killing All Forms of Cancer


Today again; have you taken time to mine the wealth lying latent in common fruits and vegetables around us? the next item up the list > TOMATOES!
Today we talk about tomatoes! you didn’t know? Tomatoes are super rich! Anti cancer and all round health stabilizer, let’s take you through the benefits of tomatoes, but before that> have you heard of LYCOPENE? Did you say NO?? Well lycopene can be explained as the “Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator”! sure you didn’t get that, let’s try another way > you see High levels of Lycopene work wonders in Combating various kinds of Cancer like stomach, colorectal and prostrate cancer.
lycopene is a natural antioxidant that functions mainly to kill cancerous cells and When it comes to Skin Care and facial cleansers, Lycopene is also used by make-up and beauty industries to enhance and manufacture beauty care products for the body,
Now Tomatoes Constitute great amounts of lycopene and if you have been following, you d be at the same point as I am now, sure tomatoes are great in skin care, if you want to use tomatoes for your skin, peel like 8-12 tomatoes and place the peeled skin on your face and allow to stay for ten minutes, irritation may occur but will clear with time and you have your baby skin.
Again Tomatoes have great amounts of calcium and Vitamin k that is to say that they aid in the formation of strong bones and teeth.
Now this one z big! You have to calm down to get it registered, relax and saver every bit of the information am about to drop!-_ Tomatoes help repair damage done to the body by Cigarette smoking, wait!! What am I trying to say?? All the damages caused by smoking? The choked up lungs?? The blackened lips? Well go PIPER!!! Go cook up your mother’s basket of tomatoes and get your health remedy.
Tomatoes contain coumaric and Cholinergic acid and they protect the body from carcinogens formed from smoking and please try to eat redder tomatoes the redder the tomato the bigger and better the quantity of carotene the tomato contains.
And here are highlights of the inestimable values of tomatoes

Ø Tomatoes are Good For Your Heart [they contain vitamin B and potassium]
Ø Tomatoes are Good for hair care
Ø Good for Your Eyes because they contain vitamin A
Ø Ideal for skin care because of the presence of lycopene
Ø Protects against kidney failure and diseases
Ø They help repair damage caused by smoking to the body[coumaric and cholinergic acid].
Ø They maintain strong bones calcium present
Ø And more importantly they fight against several types of cancer>>Lycopene

Drop Your Comments or any new findings you have about tomatoes and lets verify together!
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